Wolf occurrence in Germany

On the following pages we present recent information on wolf occurrence in Germany. The data is collected and also published by the federal states. In addition to this, the DBBW project facilitates compiling these data and presenting them to the public.

The section “Evidences in Germany” includes a map with all grid cells that have been recorded as occupied during a monitoring year through evidence of wolf presence or confirmed hints to wolf presence, respectively, in accordance with the monitoring standards.

In the category “Confirmed territories”, all confirmed territories (packs, pairs, single resident wolves) of all past and evaluated monitoring years are available. Further, the development in the current monitoring year is shown. These data should be considered as preliminary, as they will be conclusively evaluated at the yearly national wolf monitoring meeting (usually in September) in the context of the up-to-date state of knowledge for the monitoring report. Also for monitoring years already evaluated retrospective changes can occur, if new information leads to a change in status. 

The section “Dead wolves” provides current information about all wolves that have been found dead in Germany.