Confirmed wolf territories in Germany

The monitoring, i.e. the yearly confirmation of wolf packs, pairs and single resident wolves is the federal states’ task. Therefore, an independent survey of wolf occurrences is conducted in every state. Additionally, the publication of a state’s results is independent of the other federal states.

In order to gain a nationwide overview, data from the federal states is compiled once a year (usually in September) at the national monitoring meeting under the lead of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. As a result, a compiled wolf occurrence map (map with occupied grid cells) as well as a map with verified territories valid for the foregone monitoring year is presented. A monitoring year refers to a twelve month period beginning on May 1st and ending on the 30th of April of the following year. Counting in this way allows for the biology and reproductive cycle of the wolf to be taken into account.

The monitoring figures and occurrence maps are published by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation subsequent to the national monitoring meeting. The territories map and a short status report of the foregone monitoring year are prepared and published by DBBW.

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Information for the monitoring year 2020/21, which has not been compiled on a national level yet, are to be considered as preliminary. The data depicts the federal states’ current state of knowledge and reporting.

Data regarding the foregone monitoring year can change when new information leads to an adjustment. The current state of knowledge is presented on this website, whereas the yearly status report is not updated continuously.

The interactive map of territories provides further information.

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Terms used in the documentation of territories

Pack: more than 2 wolves that have been confirmed to live in the same area. A pack usually consists of the parental pair and their pups as well as yearlings (offspring from the previous year). Sometimes, offspring from earlier years are part of the pack.
Pair: two wolves that live in the same area without having pups (yet).
Territorial individual: a wolf that has been confirmed to live in the same area for more than 6 months.

Monitoring year: a period of twelve months spanning from the 1st of May to the 30th of April comprising a biological “wolf year” from the birth of pups to the end of their first year of age.