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DBBW, Federal Documentation and Advice Centre on Topic Wolf

One of our tasks is to advise the federal and state authorities on questions concerning wild wolves and to summarise the data on wolf occurrence collected in the federal states nationwide and to make it available to the public in prepared form. DBBW compiles the information presented here on behalf of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation with funds from the BMUB. On the following pages you will find current results from the monitoring of the German wolf population as well as information from the management of wolves in Germany - such as national statistics on attacks on farm animals and general background information on the wolf species.


Hessen - Wolf found dead in Spessart

A wolf was found dead on 29.9.2019 on the L3199 road between Burgjoß and Bad Orb in the area of the Jossgrund forestry office in Spessart, Hessen. It concerns a female animal, which was obviously run over. Backgrounds to the accident course or to the origin of the animal are not known so far. The genetic analysis of the animal was ordered however on the basis a taken tissue sample. The animal carcass was transferred to the Hessisches Landesamt für Naturschutz, Umwelt und Geologie (HLNUG) in Giessen on 30.9. for further investigation and was frozen there for the time being.

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