Wolves found dead in Germany

Here you can find information on the latest reported cases.

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Ongoing updating of cause of death, age, and sex of dead wolves

The information shown here on the cause of death, age and sex of the dead animals corresponds to the current state of knowledge reported by the federal states to the DBBW.

The findings on the cause of death are based on the dissection of the carcass at the Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research Berlin, which is technically very well equipped for these investigations.

For the estimation of age (with the age classes puppy, yearling, adult wolf) and sex (e.g. in the case of partially destroyed carcasses after traffic accidents or in the case of advanced decomposition), on the other hand, additional information on the animal must usually be consulted: the estimation by the personnel on site during the recovery or by the monitoring experts of the federal states and the genetic result determined at the Senckenberg Institute for Wildlife Genetics on the sex or on the relationships, which can often help to narrow down the year of birth. In many cases, the skull is also examined at the Senckenberg Museum for Natural History Görlitz, where the age is narrowed down on the basis of skull and tooth characteristics.

New examination results are promptly entered into the dataset, so that the most current state of knowledge on the causes of death, age and sex of wolves confirmed dead in Germany is always represented.