Dead finds of wolves - Table

The dead finds are examined with regard to their cause of death or possible previous illnesses, their sex and age are also determined. Since the correct age group (puppy in the 1st year of life, yearling in the 2nd year of life, then adult wolf) can often only be reliably determined on the basis of several parameters, the data can still change if new findings are gained that change the age assessment. The genetic classification of a dead find can also still change if new findings are available. The information on the dead finds is therefore continuously updated.

You can select a year, a monitoring year, or a period and receive a tabular list of the data records.
Translation of the column headers: Cause, Date, Age, Sex, Genetic Origin, Territory, State, County.
Legend: Illegale Tötung = Illegal killing, natürlich = naturally, unklar = unclear, Verkehrsunfall = traffic accident