Documentation and Federal Advisory Council on the topic of wolves

In spring 2000, wild wolf puppies were born again in the Muskauer Heide in the north-east of Saxony on the border to Poland for the first time since the extermination of the wolf in Germany. Their parents immigrated from neighbouring Poland. After the further establishment of this species in the following five years was only hesitant, its dynamic spread can be observed since 2006 . Meanwhile territorial wolves live in all eastern federal states. Also in the south and/or west of Germany, where so far only Lower Saxony accommodated wolf packs, the development progresses. Also in our neighbouring countries Czech Republic, Denmark and Austria wolves appear increasingly. They mostly come from the Central European lowland population (also known as the Central European lowland population), which we share with Poland. From time to time, individual wolves migrate to Germany from the Alpine population in our southern neighbouring countries. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to prepare and make available nationwide the data collected in the federal states on the occurrence of wolves, but also on the conflicts associated with this.
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