Wolf territories in Germany

List of territories sorted by federal states

Please note:

Official and federally compiled results regarding a completed monitoring year are only available in the autumn of every year (e.g. results from the 2018/19 monitoring year in autumn 2019). Results from the current monitoring year that are shown here are always preliminary and not exhaustive.

The following list is not translated. You can select a monitoring year and the names of the individual federal states,  and the relevant territories will be listed.

Monitoringjahr   Territorien [Kurzform]

Baden-Württemberg [BW]
Enztal [ENZ] , Feldberg [FEL] , Schluchsee [SLS]
Territorien in Baden-Württemberg: 3

Bayern [BY]
Ruda [RUD] , Veldensteiner Forst [VF]
Territorien in Bayern: 2

Hessen [HE]
Butzbach [BUZ] , Rüdesheim [RÜD] , Waldkappel [WAK] , Wildflecken [WIL]
Territorien in Hessen: 4

Niedersachsen [NI]
Bad Bodenteich [BAD] , Bergen [BE] , Bleckede [BCK] , Cuxhaven [CUX] , Munster [MU]
Territorien in Niedersachsen: 5

Schleswig-Holstein [SH]
Sachsenwald [SAW] , Segeberg [SEB]
Territorien in Schleswig-Holstein: 2

Thüringen [TH]
Ilfeld [ILF] , Ohrdruf [OHR] , Zella-Rhön [ZR]
Territorien in Thüringen: 3

Mehrere der Territorien überschreiten die Grenzen von Bundesländern
Ilfeld TH | ST, Ruda BY | CZ, Sachsenwald SH | HH, Wildflecken HE | BY, Zella-Rhön TH | HE
Territorien: 5

Quelle: Abfrage der DBBW-Datenbank am 21.03.2023 um 08:02:23, Monitoringjahr