Does the domestic dog really originate from the wolf?

Yes, the domestic dog does originate from the wolf (Canis lupus) - it is the domesticated form of the wolf. This has been clearly confirmed through genetic analyses. For a long time it had been assumed that golden jackal, fox, hyena, coyote and polar fox are also potential originators of domestic dogs, however, this hypothesis has been falsified.

It has never been clearly identified when domestication took place. Studies conclude that it took place 10,000-15,000 or 18,000-23,000 years ago. The wolf is the first animal that has been domesticated by humans, even before cows, sheep or horses. It is very likely that the process has started south of the Yangtze in China. It is assumed that the reason for the domestication process is that wolves and humans claimed the same prey - large herbivores. Possibly, hunts took place in cooperation between humans and wolves. In this way, the relationship became increasingly intense with humans and wolves finally sharing fire place and home.