Preventive and compensatory payments

It is one of DBBW’s tasks to request and process data from the different federal states regarding payments for damages on livestock and for preventive measures within one calendar year. A short report on basis of this data is presented here, while the complete reports are available in the download section (in German).

Preventive and compensatory payments in 2019

Paying for livestock protection measures can cost much more than compensatory payments. However, livestock protection aims at increasing acceptance of returning wolves and facilitating the coexistence of wolves and affected persons in rural areas. In Germany, costs for livestock protection measures (8,038,110 €) were a multiple of costs for compensatory payments (418,246 €).

Development of compensatory payments from 2000 to 2019

As the damages caused by wolves increase, so do the compensatory payments. In 2019, costs for damages caused by wolves were highest in the federal states Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony and Brandenburg.